Bru na Gruadan, Castletroy, Limerick
061 332836 / 087 6833790
Terms and Conditions

Electronic Door Keys:

  • Your key card will open the front door of your house and also your bedroom door.
  • Please do not keep your key card close to your mobile phone or any magnetic device, as it may affect the performance of your key card.
  • If the door key is left in a house or a bedroom by the tenant and the tenant is locked out a charge of €20 is payable to get a replacement key. If this happens and the office is closed, please call security on 087-2499930, and they will let you into your room. Your new key can be obtained in the office the following day.
  • If a key fails to open a door and security is called, there will not be a callout charge if it is established by security that the key/ lock is faulty. The key will be retained by security and checked. If your key card does not work a replacement may be obtained from reception during office hours (10 am -4pm, 087-6833790).
  • If the office is not open at anytime during the day, please phone or text the office mobile 087-6833790.

Security (087-2499930):

  • The Courtyard provides a private security service- MS Security 087-2499930. If any student notices any suspicious persons/activity, please call the security number immediately.
  • A new CCTV system has been installed in the Courtyard Student Village. High- tech cameras are fitted to the front, side and rear of the complex. A high definition screen is in place in the office, and a  mobile tablet device is also in use for after office hours, thus monitoring the Courtyard Student Village at all times.
  • To protect the security of the complex, residents are requested not to allow entry to anybody other than their own invited guests.
  • Also, please ensure that all doors, windows and patio doors are kept locked, particularly when leaving the house and when going home at weekends and holidays.


  • Each house is provided with a wireless internet, and every student is provided with a password.
  • The use of routers/ plug-in wireless devices into the wall socket is forbidden as it severely disrupts the service for other users.

Antisocial Behaviour:

  • The Courtyard does not permit parties in any property at any time. Failure by any occupant/ house to comply will result in a verbal and written warning, and a fine of €200.
  • All students residing in a given property in the Courtyard Student Village are solely responsible for any damage caused to the property during the period of the lease.
  • Students residing in balcony rooms in any of the houses must use the balcony with care. Students who are seen to be negligent or careless in the use of balconies will receive a verbal and written warning and a fine of up to €200. Balcony doors must be kept locked at all times when room is not occupied.
  • The consumption of alcoholic drinks/ drugs in the public areas of the Courtyard Student Village is not allowed. Failure to comply will result in a verbal/ written warning to the occupant and a fine of up to €200 on the occupant concerned.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any of the properties, or in the front of the Courtyard Student Village.
  • All stereo, radio and TV appliances should be kept at a volume that will not interfere with your neighbours. This includes the playing of musical instruments, loudspeakers, singing and other noise that may be an annoyance to the occupiers and residents. No noise should be audible from outside your premises between the hours of 11 p.m and 9 a.m.
  • The use of blue tack or sellotape to attach items to the walls is strictly forbidden.
  • All houses are fitted with T.V with a number of channels- any misuse of T.V s for the purpose of playing video games will result in a fine and if T.V is broken the cost of replacement will be borne by the students in the house.


  • For all information regarding cars, parking and traffic management please visit this page.


  • Large refuse/ recycling bins are located within the compound for refuse disposal.
  • A list of the appropriate items for recycling is provided in each house. Please make sure you use these bags appropriately, otherwise the bin weight will increase and each house will bear the cost of this.


  • Bicycles must not be locked to lamp-posts, trees or railings. A designated bicycle rack is provided for this purpose.
  • All bicycles should be securely parked and locked at all times.
  • Hallways in houses are not permitted for the use of bicycles.


  • Inspections will be carried out between 4 and 5 times during the year.
  • Courtyard student village reserve the right to inspect an apartment provided a minimum of 24 hours notice is issued to the residents.