Bru na Gruadan, Castletroy, Limerick
061 332836 / 087 6833790

Limited availability of all room types. Apply today and follow the booking process to avoid disappointment

Courtyard student village accommodation offers great facilities at affordable prices. Below shows a breakdown of student rates by room type.

If you are checking in on September 1st the following pricing applies:


Room type Semester one Semester two Total
 Double Bedroom Ensuite €2,185 €2,185 €4,370
 Single Bedroom €1,995  €1,995 €3,990
Single room Shared Bathroom €1,900 €1,900 €3,800
2 Person Shared Bedroom €1710 per person €1710 per person €3,420

*A €200 booking deposit must be paid at the time of application.

*Additional payments due with first semester payments: €800 (€400 ESB/GAS + €400 Utilities) Please see below for further details.

All first semester payments must be made by August 17th. All second semester payments must be made by December 20th.

A €200 booking deposit must be paid at the time of application. If your application to Courtyard student village is successful, this booking deposit is refundable less any deductions for damage or missing items at the end of your stay.

If you decide to cancel your booking , this booking deposit will be returned less an administration fee of €100, provided that our cancellation policy has been abided by (details can be found below).

For all students: In the event of cancellation, €100 administration fee will be deducted from the booking deposit and the remainder refunded provided we receive notification on or before 12 noon on the day of the CAO first round offers. Notification must be made by Email.

If a student is evicted, no refunds of rental will be made.
In the case of early departure, the onus is on the student to find someone to take their room. Until a replacement has been found, the student will not be refunded. Courtyard student village management will assist to move another resident into that student’s vacant room.

If a student decides to leave after the first semester, we will refund any second-semester rent and second-semester bills and utilities provided that we can fill the room again for the second semester. The students booking deposit of €200 will not be returned.

€400: This is a flat rate and is non refundable. If the final amount incurred is greater than this amount, the student is liable for the difference

€400: This is a flat rate and is non refundable. This covers

  • Wifi
  • Refuse collection
  • TV licence
  • Maintenance (Including replenishing of bulbs and replacement of household items if required)
  • Security

Bank Transfer

To make a payment please do an internet bank transfer to the details below or alternatively visit your local bank and do a physical lodgement into the details below. Please ensure to include the students name on the narrative of the lodgement slip.

Lodgement Details.
Name: Allied Irish Bank
Address: 106-108 O Connell Street Limerick Ireland
Bank account Name: Bru Na Gruadan Lettings Company Ltd
Sort Code: 935247
Bank Account Number: 07267057
IBAN Reference: IE58AIBK 93524707267057

*All lodgements- deposits/rent must be accompanied by the name of the student lodging the money on the bank narrative.

Pay to Study Payment Portal

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What are the benefits?

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  • Bulk payment options

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STEP 2. Visit payment website and complete the brief registration form. Click ‘YES’ you are ready to pay today and then select ‘Process Transaction’.

STEP 3. Transfer the funds to the advised bank account / credit card number.

STEP 4. For bank transfer only: Email [email protected] with receipt of payment, a copy of your student passport, and your offer or invoice letter from Courtyard Student Village

STEP 5. Once PaytoStudy receive your funds and required documents, they will transfer the funds to us and email you confirmation of payment. Sorted!

Click here to pay with PayToStudy Payment Portal

Send us an application form today and we will reply to the student email address provided to us on the application form with a payment plan for the room type you have requested. You can then go ahead and lodge your rent deposit and confirm your booking with us.