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Car Parking & Traffic Management

The following information and rules apply to parking and traffic management on our premises:

  • All residents of the Courtyard Student Village Campus may apply for a car parking space.
  • If the demand for car park spaces exceeds supply a lottery system will apply.
  • All successful tenants in the lottery will be offered a permit with a unique number which will correspond with a similar number identified within each car park space.
  • This permit will apply for the duration of the tenants lease at a cost of a 100 Euros per semester.
  • This permit must specifically apply to the tenants own vehicle and may not be sublet or sold to another person.
    Those successful in the lottery system on payment of 100 Euros per semester will receive a unique car parking permit which shall be displayed on the inside right hand corner of their windshield.
  • All approved permit holders shall have their vehicle details registered at the reception office.
  • Clamping shall be in operation for any unauthorised vehicles parked in a designated car parking space. A 120 Euro fee will apply to have the clamp removed.
  • Clamping shall also apply for any vehicle parked outside their designated space or on a double yellow line. A 120 Euro fee will apply to have the clamp removed.
  • No parking is permitted in the disability or staff parking spaces unless a valid disability or staff permits is displayed.
  • Reverse parking into car park spaces will strictly apply.
  • A One-way system in a clock-wise motion applies in the Courtyard Student Village.  All signage should be observed and followed.